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Fitness Services at Personal Performance

Our programs are individually designed and administered. The program follows our holistic fitness philosophy and maximizes the results from the weekend to professional athlete. Our rehabilitation proprietary approach focuses on three components, namely, Core Foundation / Biomechanics, and Rapid Recovery utilizing natural modalities such as massage, nutrition and naturopathy. With the pre-professional and professional athlete we extend the programs to practice sports-specific movements, develop injury preventive drills/actions and enhance eye-hand coordination. This regimen has led to one of the most stellar records for athlete development in the Midwest.

Injuries are no fun! And we know you want to be back to a full functional level as fast as possible. Unfortunately “standard” medical practice that relies on drug therapy can often do more harm than good and inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal. At Personal Performance we practice a proven, all-natural approach to rehabilitation driving progressive movement/exercise, soft tissue therapy, kinesiotherapy and work hardening and conditioning to achieve specific at work and lifestyle goals.

Massage and Bodywork can be a useful part of both recovery from injury and general health care. Here at Personal Performance. our licensed massage therapists offer a range of services chosen to both support our Rehabilitation and Sports and Fitness training services, and to support our Naturopathic approach to a healthy lifestyle.  We offer Therapeutic Massage (including Deep Tissue, MyoFascial Release, and Cross Fiber work), Relaxation Massage (based on Swedish Massage techniques) and Reiki, Reflexology and Structural Balancing treatments.  Whether you are seeking relaxation, lifestyle improvements, or treatments coordinated with your Rehabilitation or Training, your therapist will work with you to provide a customized plan.