We build athletes naturally

Our Philosophy

At Personal Performance we believe in holistic fitness which encompasses four primary areas:

  1. A whole body approach to assessing wellness
  2. Concentration on nutrition and lifestyle choices
  3. Customized exercise
  4. Stress management

Balance in all areas of this cycle of holistic fitness is critical to enjoying maximum health and well-being.

Whole Body Assessment

We begin with a detailed analysis of your health, lifestyle, body type along with your life and sport’s participation goals. We evaluate your current level of fitness including your unique bio-mechanics and systemic disease risk. From this foundation we create a custom training and nutrition program to meet your individual goals and needs.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

To achieve holistic fitness and maximize the results of any exercise or sports training it is essential to address both nutrition and lifestyle. Our specialized assessments allow us to make targeted recommendations to improve your health naturally.

Customized Exercise

Exercise is critical to health at any age and our approach to exercise and training is like no other. You will find that our attention to detail and understanding of your unique needs provides a customized program that is both rewarding, providing results you cannot match at other “gyms”, and creative, so you have fun along the way to achieving your goals.

Stress Management

Life is not static and we have challenges over time. Our trainers are attuned to your needs to adjust your specific training, nutrition and lifestyle program as needed. Periodically your progress will be reviewed and your program adjusted. If appropriate, we will recommend differing modalities and other experts that can help, of course, those that ascribe to our natural, holistic view of building athletes.