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About Us

Personal Performance is founded on the principle of providing clients education and training on whole body wellness through alternative methods of nutrition, fitness training and injury rehabilitation. Established in 1994, we have been providing superior training and rehabilitation techniques that produce consistent, progressive results. Our commitment is to provide progressive personalized service and instruction that treats each client as a whole person to help each person achieve optimal wellness.

We address each client’s personal goals. Whether your performance goals are as basic as being able to walk the dog comfortably into your 90’s, or as extreme as achieving Olympic medals, our highly trained staff can help you achieve them.

At Personal Performance we Build Athletes Naturally!Massage Services at Personal Performance

We have been practicing a holistic approach to health and fitness for nearly 20 years. Our foundation is built on best practices in core training, peripheral progression, soft tissue, nutrition, kinesiology and naturopathy. We have built a record with some of the area’s top athletes, with many of those reaching the college or professional level. 

Our background with professional sports teams and the educational system provide a natural fit for young athletes that want to excel, and their loved ones can rest assured that their performance achievements are completely natural and don’t conflict with long-term health and lifestyle goals.

For the weekend athlete and/or those that really care about health we provide a laid-back, full service facility where you receive the personal attention needed to reach your fitness goals. Our staff of specialized trainers work with you to build a custom program to meet your needs, again utilizing our proprietary holistic fitness approach (see Philosophy).

We invite you to visit us at Personal Performance and see how we Build Athletes Naturally!