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Worksite Injury Prevention Programs

Worksite injury prevention programs reduce injury number, severity, and cost. Nevertheless, some injuries do still occur.  For the injuries that do occur, proper injury treatment and management protocols save time, money, frustration and litigation.
Many worksite or job injuries are no different than athletic injuries.  Repetitive and overuse injuries  such as a baseball pitcher would suffer in his throwing arm happen to the same muscle group in the shoulder of the line worker repeating the same task over and over during his/her shift.  The industrial worker who injures his/her low back on the job will benefit from the same treatment as the football player who hurt his low back on the field.  Muscle pulls, tendon strains, and ligament sprains in the human body require the same injury prevention, treatment, or management whether you are a sports athlete or an industrial worker.  What this means is that the same injury prevention techniques we successfully implement for the athletes on the field and court work just as effectively for the worker at the jobsite or plant.

An Injury Prevention program alone can reduce injury cost 25-35% 

  • Many injuries can be avoided by simply implementing a proper prevention program 
  • Prevention programs can include a work-site or job-activity analysis, injury pre-screen, warm-up routine, and/or corrective strength training routine 
  • Work-site analysis looks at correcting environmental safety and ergonomic issues
  • Job-activity analysis looks at worker’s physical job requirements and work activities (behind a desk all day, heavy lifting, repetitive motion, etc...)

About Injury Pre-Screens

An injury pre-screen looks at finding predispositions to injury and is developed specifically from the work-site and job-activity analysis for your company and employee needs

  • Injury pre-screens assist in injury prevention 
  • If movements in the pre-screen hurt, then predisposition to work injury is high
  • If pre-screen is used, determination of a plan of action to prevent potential injuries can be implemented.
  • Injury pre-screens help in the development of facility specific warm-up routines and corrective strength training routines
  • Example: If a worker has some shoulder pain in overhead flexion during a pre-screen, having  worker participate in preventative warm-up routine or corrective strength training can help correct or rehabilitate a small problem before it becomes a big problem

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