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Dana Goodsitt LMT, CPT is certified in MediCupping, a systematic approach to clinical ailments using massage cupping techniques. This style of myofascial release is great for chronic pain, recovering from injury and surgery, and lymphatic drainage. Dana discovered massage cupping a couple years back when she did her Medical Massage certification and she is excited to be expanding this area of her practice.  

Not to be confused with the static cupping done in Chinese Medicine, massage cupping utilizes suction to create space in soft tissues for renewed blood flow and encourage removal of stagnant fluids. Unlike traditional massage techniques which apply pressure into the soft tissues, cupping physically lifts the layers of skin, fascia, and muscle apart. This is incredibly useful when adhesions and scar tissue are holding them glued together or creating tension and congestion. It is difficult for fresh blood flow to reach these tight areas and leaves the tissues "starving" and unable to get rid of wastes that are usually carried away.   

Effective myofascial release is essential to fully overcoming injury and chronic pain. While other myofascial techniques can be either very slow or aggressive and painful, Dana finds massage cupping to be widely versatile. Depending on the application, it can be gentle and sedating to the nervous system, but can also be used more aggressively for those who do enjoy Deep Tissue massage or need to be in competitive shape.  

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